Accredited Courses
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Siemens Mechatronics System Certification program (SMSCP) based programs The Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

To develop manpower with the capacity, knowledge, desire, and ability to address the critical technical issues associated with energy, manufacturing, agriculture, health, and the environment

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Appraisal of Existing Structures and Pre- Tensioned Concrete. Somers Engineering

Understanding of how to appraise structures and various repair methods. Basic concepts as regards to Pre- Tensioned Concrete.

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Transportation Planning for Rural and Urban Areas ITEC Engineering Ltd

Creating, appreciating, and grounding the principles, techniques, issues, and practice of transport planning in the industry.

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Feasibility Studies of Infrastructure projects ITEC Engineering Ltd

To create a sound understanding of whole life cycle analysis and management of road asset; an understanding of the most common forms of road deterioration and remedies; an appreciation of the role of economic analysis of infrastrucutre projects, create awareness on the different tools available for carrying out economic analysis and discuss economic models in detail.

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Road Safety Engineering ITEC Engineering Ltd

To define road safety engineering and its application, and to present the different stages of road safety audits and the aspects to consider at each stage.

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Effective People Management Arc Skills Kenya

To manage transition from employee to manager; To gain respect and on-going support of your team; To apply emotional intelligence and assertiveness for effective conflict resolution; To master core management skills; To implement proven problem solving, decision-making and delegation tools.

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Client Relationship Management/Portfolio management Arc Skills Kenya

To understand client relationship lifecycle; To establish productive relationships with clients; To utilise creative problem solving, and decision making techniques; To spot opportunities for portfolio growth, To be responsive to client needs.

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Mastering the Art of Negotiation Arc Skills Kenya

To understand the framework of negotiation; To plan successful negotiations; Choosing the right negotiation style; Concluding deals and checking the results.

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Transport infrastructure is one of the key sectors that opens up economic activities and trade, both within a country and across its borders. Inadequate infrastructure is a widely recognized hindrance to Africa’s development and lowering the quality of life of its citizens. The transport sector is a significant driver towards the realization of the Kenya’s accelerated 5-year plan dubbed the ‘the big four’. However, the cost of public debts, public budgetary constraints, and the increasing demand for transport services have left many governments with no option than to tap into other revenue generating activities to meet the growing infrastructure needs. Undoubtedly new approaches for instance fuel levy, weight distance changes, tolling, concessions, international transit tariffs, PPPs, infrastructure bonds etc are required in order to increase road maintenance budget and sustain development. This event will be an opportunity to discuss policy issues, best practices and research findings across a broad spectrum of transport modes with a view to offering transport solutions to transform lives in the region.

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Public Private Partnerships Project Preparation Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Identify and manage PPP projects, define an enabling PPP framework, understand the different strands of PPP projects, analyze and appraise PPP projects, identify the scope of private sector involvement, manage PPP procurement processes

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Value Engineering Skills Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Identify value mismatch through the ratio of whole life costing, capture and incorporate stakeholders input in the development of the project charter and plan, conceptualize the fundamental concepts of value engineering and analysis, identify alternative recommendations to the management which will improve value effectively.

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Road Safety Audits Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Become familiar with road safety issues relevant to local traffic context, enhance knowledge and skills in improving road safety, understand and gain hands-on experience on each stage of a road safety audit and easy to use prompts list, learn how to focus on road deficiencies that lead to severe and fatal injuries, identify the different network safety and risk management tools available to practitioners, understand the role and skills of each member of a road safety audit unit, identify data sources available to support recommendations for remedial measures.

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Bridge Design Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Summarize the principles and criteria of bridge design and bridge evaluation, understand the bridge superstructure and substructure design, fatigue and fracture analysis of bridges, perform conventional analysis and design of highway bridges as per applicable bridge design specifications, perform conventional load rating and fatigue evaluation of existing highway bridges per applicable manual for bridge evaluation, an understanding of advanced methods of technology for bridge condition assessment and rating.

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Donor Project Accounting Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Build project donor, and consolidated budgets using the activity- based budgeting technique, prepare and use a simple cash flow forecast, prepare and reconcile an analyzed cashbook, prepare and use a simple financial monitoring report, analyze financial statements and budget monitoring reports to assess performance, analyze strengths and weaknesses of internal control systems.

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Project Management for Donor Aided Projects Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Define donor aided projects relative to other forms of aid delivery within a policy context, undestand the appraisal process and early project preparation; prepare, implement and evaluate projects and programmes with coherent operations cycle focusing on the core principles of (Relevance, Feasibility, Effective and Well Managed), understant the logical framework approach tool and methodology for planning, managing and evaluating projects and programmes in all the different phases of the project cycle, understand the four distinct phases (Analysis,  Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) of the donor aided projects.

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Project Finance & Financial Analysis Techniques for Infrastructure Projects Kenya College of Infrastructure (KCI)

Undertake technical, economic, financial and risk analysis of projects, forecasting project cashflows, income and cost duration, evaluate the financing of projects, undertake financial evaluation of projects to determine their feasibility, perform economic viability and sustainability of projects

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