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Preparing for Global Professional Practice GITS Consulting Services

Around the world, today's engineers are required to meet official competence standards before they can carry out specific activities, use a professional title, or sell their services to the public. This course comprising six workshops on the dynamics of engineering practice and regulatory cultures around the world helps engineers to understand the necessity and imperatives for professional regulation.

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Renewable Energy Applications and Incentives GITS Consulting Services

This course comprising five workshops specifically covers solar, wind, water and biomass forms of renewable energy. The workshops let Learners gain an understanding of the emerging importance of renewable energy; the rationale for incentives to develop technologies to promote application of these forms of energy; renewable energy  Standards (e.g EcoLogoTM ); targets or Equivalent Policy Commitments and How to get involved in green power

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Advanced Communications Training for Engineers GITS Consulting Services

These four workshops centre on how technological convergence is calling for professionals to advance their communication skills and cover the changing Nature of Communications in Engineering; Understanding Cross-Cultural Competence; Cross-Cultural Communications in Engineering and other professions; and; Acquiring cultural competence through life-long learning

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Career Planning-Engineering, Environment, ICT GITS Consulting Services

This course comprises  four participant-cantered workshops on career planning; self-marketing; mentoring and networking and; job search and interview techniques. This course has been designed as the means to help job seekers and re-entrants in engineering, environmental and ICT fields to define and search for their dream job based on real-time labour market intelligence, and to adapt to diverse cultures and ideologies. 

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Integrated Professional Knowledge (IPK360) GITS Consulting Services

This introductory workshop provides  insight into the founding principles of  our Integrated Knowledge Platform ( IPK360) based on skills-gaps driven Advanced Competences Training workshops . Its  focus is on understanding emerging paradigms, frontiers and needs in the professions to manage rapid change, convergence of technologies, innovation, globalization and emerging skills demands in regulated professions.

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The Skills Gap Model of Life-long Learning GITS Consulting Services

This free workshop derives from the rapidity and magnitude of changes that are changing the ways in which professionals learn, apply and gather knowledge. It describes  a new model of learning that captures the changes on the ground as they happen greatly enhancing the engagement of engineers and other professionals in continual learning. 

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